The short distances to the glaciers and National Parks makes Jostedal a Mecca for outdoor experiences, with or without guiding, summer and winter.

Jostedal Camping, at Gjerde in the heart of Jostedal, is only a stone’s throw from glaciers, National Parks and protected areas in this beautiful valley. The campground is thus an excellent basis for skiing and hiking, guided kayaking adventures and glacier hikes at Nigardsbreen and Styggevatnet, rafting, photo-safaris and other exciting expeditions in the area .

Jostedalen runs northwards from the innermost parts of Sognefjorden (the world’s longest fjord, free of ice) to alpine, glaciated mountains. Jostedalsbreen National Park and Breheimen National Parkin close proximity on either side of this stunning valley, offers breathtaking views and magnificent natural experiences.

During the last ice ages, the valley of Jostedal has been sculptured from solid bedrock. These land forming processes are still active today. Around Jostedal you will find deep valleys, glaciers and high mountain peaks, with Jostedal Camping in the middle of it all. The campsite is an excellent starting point for hikes with or without guiding. You can choose from a variety of day-trips, easy or demanding, on or off the beaten trail. At Jostedal Camping you will find several boards with maps, pictures and info about the different hikes you can do on your own. The receptionist will also provide further info about the area.

Jostedalsbreen is the biggest ice-cap on the European mainland,
nearly 500 km².

The activity companies in Jostedal offer thrilling guided tours through amazing landscapes.

The distances provided below are between Jostedal Camping and the nearest meeting point for the particular activity (in kms along the road).

  • Elvepurka offer white water rafting from the campsite during summer - 0,2 km (Jostedal Hotell).

  • Jostedalen Breførarlag offer a broad palette of fantastic glacier hikes and glacier related courses (mostly during summer but also some in wintertime), both at Nigardsbreen and other glaciers in the vicinity - 2,5 km / 6 km (Breheimsenteret / Nigardsbreen parkering).

  • Icetroll will give you exciting kayak- and glacier experiences during summer, among other places at Styggevatnet / Austdalsbreen - 2,5 km (Breheimsenteret).

  • Fimbul Jostedal offer great winter thrills including backcountry skiing in virgin snow conditions and a trip to the magnificent ice cave underneath Nigardsbreen - 0 km (Jostedal Camping, by appointment).

  • Norgesguidene offer unforgettable tailored tours to mountains and glaciers, both summer and winter - 2,5 km (Breheimsenteret).

  • Friluftsliv - Fjellsport will guide you into the mountains, summer as well as winter - 0 km (Jostedal Camping, by appointment).

  • Leirdalen Bre- og Juv: canyoning and glacier hiking, mainly during summer. Starting point at Leirdal - 17 km (road junction Jostedal / Leirdal).



Other activities near Jostedal:

  • Bre og Fjell offer trips and courses all year round, both mountain and glacier guiding - 0 km (Jostedal Camping, by appointment).

  • Lustrabadet, Indoor water park for the entire family - 30 km (Gaupne).

  • Fjordseal take you kayaking at Lustrafjorden (a part of Sognefjorden) during summer - 34 km (Marifjøra).

  • Adventure Tours offer RIB tours and waterfall hike along Lustrafjorden (arm of Sognefjorden), mainly during summer - 57 km (Skjolden).